I remember one morning when I was young, I observed that almost every child in my area has eaten and I was seriously hungry. So I went straight to my MOTHER and asked,”Why is everybody’s child eating and I am not?”. I recall my MOTHER with her soft voice and the head down, said,”Meni sika oo” ” I am cashless”. So I asked “How?” I went closer to her and slept on her lap. Later in the afternoon she called me and gave me 50 Pesewas for food. She had to sell some stuff to get money. The pain she had been through as an amputee MOTHER is know only God.

One thing I like about my MOTHER is that She’s a strong woman and never gives up on anything. She is a woman I respect so much. And as the world celebrate MOTHERS Day, I use this same opportunity to dedicate today’s best wishes to celebrate my ONE and ONLY celebrity MOTHER, MOTHERS across the globe and all potential MOTHERS for loving-kindness, motherly love and all the hard times they go through for us.

Now, I have grown up to be THE MAN by the grace for the rest of the family. The MOTHER in whom NOTHING surprises me in life anymore. I live to learn from my past. For it is the best classroom ever. I am no more a surviving MAN, I am now a living man. For the grace of God is a living grace and not surviving grace. The children of God should be living not surviving. For we serve a living God, not a surviving God. The future is great but I live to the greatness of it and leave no day unalert. I don’t get to be surprised at all in life.

Life is full of unexpected things. I keep on doing my thing. Anything can happen in life and prepare for it as you journey forth to conquer your fears. All that I say is God bless you Mama, my brothers & sisters and the grandchildren. The greatest of all the blessings goes to current and future generations. God bless You. Bless Me. Ghana and Africa.”

Frank Asamoah
CEO & Founder
GYD Network