Njansi: The Missing Page

Hello Everyone! A certain Printer’s Angel took away page 100 on the Nigerian print of Njansi. Please accept my apologies. Here is the rest of the fight between Dr. Fleming and Njansi:

“A flame rises but I remain, A fire burns, I am not consumed”

Soon both men were in deep space, then in Sesiri’s court.

“Lord Sesiri, it seems to me that you are not aiding your son” commented Sri Verruca.

“They are both my sons” whispered Sesiri.

“I thought you wanted Njànsí eliminated”

“What does it matter who is eliminated? I am interested in the more wicked heart”.

Both men were back again in the underground temple which was now thick with smoke. Njànsí’s experience helped him put up a good fight but soon the higher powers working in Dr. Fleming prevailed and Njànsí was wounded.

“Dr. Fleming, listen to me! Sesiri has deceived us both! He deceives his servants and asks them to deceive others”. Njànsí breathed hard as he spoke. He was sure he would die. If Dr. Fleming spared him, Lord Sesiri would not!

“Listen!” Njànsí conti nued, “He is using you to kill me now but soon, he will use someone else to kill you. He cares nothing for humanity…”

“Shut up!” Fleming yelled, “You dare blaspheme Lord Sesiri. You ascend to Chitanam tonight!”

Dr. Fleming unleashed spirits to kill Njànsí but Njànsí disappeared.




WARNING: This would noot mean much to you if you do not have the book, would it. You can find contact points on the website. Have a great rest of the week.

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Igiri Ijioma

wow! bro r u serious … a page is really missin?