Njansi – The Book Launch

26th February was a very significant day in my life. It was the culmunation of a series of miraculous events for which I am grateful to God my Father. From the money ot the weather to the support of total strangers, I felt certain that God had smiled on me.

The D-day was very sunny. I arrived in a taxi with my Mom and Aunt Oyiri and met my dear family and friends working to create a glorious event. Ij, my younger brother was there. He had left as early as 5:30 am that morning with some stuff since that day was ‘Environmental Sanitation’ in Lagos (movement wouldn’t be allowed from 7:00 am to 10:00 am). He later told me Pamela joined him and helped so much in getting the books packed in carrier bags. Tosin, the lady who did a great job of decorating the place was also there. Bro Deolu had just arrived too, with Michael, the Head, One 1000 Events, his fiance Ayo; Yemi, some ushers, and Bro Gboyega, the sound man and his team. It was a pleasant sight.

After we arrived, exchanged pleasantries and prayed corporately, I went downstairs to pray more…. Later on other officials arrived and we took pre-event pictures and posted on Facebook encouring others to come around. Zino and John were fantastic. Ij’s invention of a ‘Unveiling Aparatus’ was classic! The projector and slides handled by Ayo, the music, and usher’s outfits were glorious.

The day was graced by colleagues and senior colleagues – Titi, Geraldine, Nkechi, Wale, Femi, Viola etc. Church members, family (my big brother, Nnanedu and Sister Joy were there!!!). The coordination was done so nicely by Michael E. We started about an hour late and though people arrived in trickles, the hall was eventually filled with up to a hundred people. It was a feat!

At the end, the pictures, exchange of pleasantries, donations and promises of other kinds of assitance, interviews with STV and book signing crowned the event so well. Even The Sun Newspapers was represented. I was so pleased and grateful to God. Pictures of the event are available on the Facebook Group Njansi (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Njansi/144064158981084?ref=ts) as well as the Facebook page of the same name. Feel free to take a look.

Thanks for reading. See you later then.

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Seye Kuyinu

Congratulations Kenneth! I wish I heard about this earlier.


Thanks a lot Seye. Been quite a while.