Myles Away

When I was younger I thought I could explain everything. I thought all questions had answers; you only had to search properly. Things were either black or white not shades of gray. Every event had to have a cause and every cause produces an event. When I was young….


As I grew older I began to see I was miles away from reality. In the real world, not everything is as clear as I would have expected. Sickness, tragedy and death seem not to have any explanation. Unexpected experiences being experienced by unexpected people in unexpected places. Miles away from the reality in my mind is the reality before my eyes.


I come from a church background that places a lot of premium on the Sovereignty of God. I ask about Sovereignty: does this mean God can do whatever He wants? The answer seems to be YES. Does this mean God can go back on His promises? Well, I do not think so…. Sovereignty. What does it really mean?


But then, there is an approach to the thought that assumes God is directly involved in everything. Well, this may not be true or is it? If it is, then why does so much seem to go wrong? If he is not, then why do we subtly blame Him for everything? We often hear of the big picture. The edges of the pieces of this puzzle called life are all jagged but the complete picture has such smooth edges. God sees the smooth edges.


Death means much to us because we are finite, limited to our planet. Our dear planet, such a tiny spot hidden among 100 billion stars, 100 billion galaxies. In death, we experience the loss of a dear one because we largely see the sky from below. To those who see from above, not much has changed. Death hurts us because we cannot see beyond the sky.


Goodbye Myles. Yes, Myles. The doctorate, the Lear jet and the houses do not mean much where you are now, only the substance you left in our souls. Goodbye Myles. See you soon.