I watched a movie yesterday. The high point was where Teri one of the main characters destroyed her phone because she had realised it was blocking her from the real people in her life who loved her. She had been confronted as to why those she was always chatting with never called her. “My friends are busy,” She had replied.


Masks disguise us keeping those who are looking at us from seeing who we really are. They hide the pain in our eyes, protect us from any kind of informed criticism, and effectively keep our relationships on the surface. Masks help us remain unknown. We wear masks maybe because we have been hurt before, because we are trying to hide something or simple because we are self-centred. It could also be because everyone else around us is also wearing some kind of mask. A certain kind of masks has become quite popular in the last twenty years or so: Electronic Masks.


Some of the more popular Electronic Masks are CaseBook, WhatsIn, VBM, Singer, Tuwo … and this is an extremely short list but one I am sure most of my current readers can identify with. Social Networks have become so popular and quite useful as a matter of fact. But the reality is often we are hiding ourselves behind them, unable to face the real world, unable to grow genuine relationships, unable to look in people’s eyes and express how we truly feel or what we truly think.


You know I heard a theory that CaseBook was created by some ‘nerds’ (no offense intended) who were looking for ways to talk to the ladies on their campus. They were smart but smart, melancholic young men who had a hard time looking a young lady in the eyes and asking for a real relationship. Like I said, no offence intended, I am half melancholic too.


What do you think? Are you also wearing a mask?