Life Walk – Community

Life Walk was an interesting experience. I particularly liked the T-Shirt this year. I can’t imagine myself wearing that sleeveless grey version sold last year for Life Walk 2013. My biceps!!! But I actually wore shorts this time … in public! OMGn, my sheen hair!!! Being my first time, when I heard ten kilometres, I assumed we were going to spend the whole day trekking and trekking and trekking. Figured maybe I would eventually be ready to go to work by 4:00 PM! Sounded like “Wilderness of Paran things” in my ears.

Incidentally, after arriving late and being given a 1 km Vehicular Advantage , I joined the walk right about Mamprobi junction and kept strutting all the way to Korle-Bu, walking y the smelly beach. Soon were on High Street, Kwame Krumah Memoriial Park was a good site to see. Maybe I will drive there someday. I believe it was about here I saw the first encouraging sign “6 km to Go”. Huh? We already did 4 km? Impressive!

After another fifteen minutes or so I saw a very familiar building and said to myself “Wow, it seems this was built the same style as the National Theatre” . It turned out after a few paces that it was actually the national Theartre! Whaaaaaaaat??? We have gotten to Ridge on foot already? Now I am no longer surprised at those not too mentally sound folk who trek long distances day after day, this thing is actually within reach.

Thinking about it more though , I believe it would have been much more difficult without the motivation from ICGC Church Leadership, the hopefully 29,000 other feet walking , the small band of “Cheer Leaders” singing with percussion instruments at intervals and maybe the nice lady encouraging us from inside the bus. She definitely had enough strength to sing very well in church the next day (forgive ).

Life Walk is hosted by International Central Gospel Church every year. Dr. Mensa Otabil drives the vision as one of the means to address key social problems in the environment. This year we are supporting the Childhood Cancer Unit of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. Sound vision, inspiring objective. One powerful lesson I learnt from this year’s event is Community. We can do many things alone but we can do much more when we join with others who share our vision or whose vision we share. Community.