Left-Brained or Right-Brained

The much of science I know tells me that the left hemisphere of the human brain is largely responsible for analytical thinking in terms of numbers, logic, yes and no situations while the right half involves more ‘fuzzy’ analysis like artwork, human capital management, music and the like. We tend to think that those who know a lot of maths must be really smart but I do think it may take more cerebral capacity to analyse the behaviours of illogical humans you are working with and make those relationships work.


You most likely have met both kinds of people during your school days. The geek who is always at the library, has read his eyes to the point of using very thick glasses and hardly speaks to anyone. If he is an enginner or programmer, he could sit at the table without having a bath the whole day troubleshooting some circuit or code as if the future of planet earth depended on it.


The other kind is probably the Students’ Union leader who is an articulate orator, has broad knowledge of many things but deep knowledge of few. He is able to organize his campaigns and duties, delegate authority and dress up properly while Mr. Geek sorts out his more difficult questions on what the G constant represents in Quantum Mechanics.


We find that when we get into the typical workplace, those who rise to management are largely right-brained and the long term techies are left-brained. But if you are serious about succeeding in today’s marketplace significantly, you need to find a balance that works for you. In some cases, you need to understand the whole system and the relationships between components while once in a while you may want to dig very, very deep into the internal structures of a single component.


The right-brained manager says ‘REPLACE and let’s move on’ while the left –brained techie says ‘I can REPAIR it, give me some time’. Where do you fit in?