Key Words: Relationships

I once read an article on the techniques for driving traffic to one’s website. One of the principles highlighted was the use of words in a way that would cause your page to be easily returned as on of the top n results on a Google search. The article went on to say that using such words repeatedly on your page or blog increases the chances of your website being returned in a search. Obviously there are other factors involved but I am sure you get the logic behind this point.


Along a similar line of thought, proponents of Conspiracy Theories often say that certain movies, interviews and music videos contain subliminal messages intended to influence popular opinion by imprinting images on the subconscious of the audience. This is very possible and a keen observer will notice it is indeed doable and obviously being done, maybe over-hyped, but certainly being done.


You will agree that such concepts as single parenthood, gay ‘relationships’, paranormal phenomena, co-habitation etc. are constantly being communicated in modern movies without being explicitly talked about in the movie itself. The ideas are communicated subconsciously influencing the way people generally view these concepts. Words such as my ex-, breakup, partner (rather than spouse) are also normal these days courtesy of media.


If you happen to do some public speaking or presentations, you will also realize that certain words can help get the attention of the audience. The words themselves as well as how those words are driven into space as well as how they eventually arrive in the ears and consciousness of the hearers. Simple techniques like this can make you an amazing public Speaker of presenter even when the content of your presentation is shallow.


I recently change my status on Facebook and my new status had the word ‘relationship’ in it. Before I proceed, let us see the definitions of relationship according to


1. a connection, association, or involvement.

2. connection between persons by blood or marriage.

3. an emotional or other connection between people: the relationship between teachers and students.

4. a sexual involvement; affair.


You will notice that there are four definitions of the same word cutting across business, genealogy, emotions and sexuality. However, my status change got me about fourteen affectionate comments from close friends and siblings who were interested in the last definition of the keyword ‘relationship’.

“its about time boss, you’ve been delaying me.”


“Good one Ken. I know it will have a happy ending.”


“Yay! Phew! i was beginning to think u had given up on the womenfolk! But the bigger question,however,is : ‘with whom?!’ *ominous theme* send me her pic o! I sent u mine. Cheers! Am praying 4 u”


“At last!!! I thought u were following in the footsteps of Apostle Paul.”


I particularly liked this one. It enforces the reality that blood is thicker than water:


“I hope it’s not d same one uv been in with JESUS CHRIST …. It better b a lady … A cute, tall and intelligent one for dat matter”


One of the most amazing parts was one of my closest friends (well, because of the amount of data she has on me) who was visibly upset (audibly actually) that I had not intimated her of my status before publishing it on Facebook! Wow! How powerful keywords are. Use them when you need to.