That night I was driving from Uncle Danny’s place, somewhere in Tesano. I trip to my house would have taken about fifteen minutes but after two hours I was still at St. Theresa’s school. The traffic was thick, visibility was the poorest I had ever seen and the rain just would not stop. At St. Theresa’s school the water level was so high I actually felt my car move. I could not believe it. I later watched a video which implied that it takes just three feet of water to move a small car. Unbelievable. I didn’t a car moved by water but I did see a number of cars stuck in water. I was thankful because I drive a VW and rumour has it that they do not like water.

I got home safe that night thank God and had a good night’s sleep. The next day was the real shocker. Over a hundred people had been killed or hurt at circle mostly by a fire that had broken out at a petrol station. Aparently someone had discarded a cigarette and the fuel floating on the flood caught fire and spread. Was there an explosion? I can’t quite remember. It was a sad period and Ghana mourned. Asides Circle, people lost loved ones in other parts of the city. Someone close to someone close actually drowned inside his car. Sad.

Lives were one thing, property was another. myriads whose rooms were engulfed in water. People who lost goods. Some survived because they could manage to go up to the next floor in a multi-story building. Later that week, we heard testimonies at Prayer Clinic. June 3 2015 was historic for Ghana. Tragic but historic. I remember them and I hope you do too. I hope we remember them enough to stop this king of thing from happening again. God bless Africa.