I Think Entrepreneurship is a responsibility. A responsibility to the workers who depend on the smooth running of your business to feed their families. A responsibility to the customers who depend on your product to make their lives less complicated or sometimes to sell their on products. You cannot afford to ruin all that with mismanagement or fraud. People are depending on you. You have taken up and responsibility.

I Think Entrepreneurship is the way out. A way out of a routine job that dulls your intellectual capacity and stifles your potential. Getting out never was or never will be easy. Staying put is easy. Just do nothing. I recently talked with a colleague who told me his wife was upset with him because he had to forgo taking her out on the wedding anniversary because he had to be in the office to address an emergency. My question was: “How did you intend to pay for that outing?” We are locked in when we work for someone and most of the time the job comes first! Entrepreneurship gives us a way to express ourselves much better.

I Think Entrepreneurship is the key to the future. Generation after generation of adults cannot afford to work in already established corporations and retire after thirty to thirty-five years. Adults are being brewed in multiples of the current set every twenty years or so and when they do arrive at age twenty to twenty-five, there has to be a way for them to earn a living. For the sake of our children, guaranteed to be more numerous than we are, we must make room.

I Think Entrepreneurship is a key to wealth. No matter how hard you work at that factory, your wages are fixed. No matter how much you develop yourself, your income is at the mercy of your employer’s benevolence. It is not in the company’s interest to promote everyone, every year, indefinitely. Some people will lose out along the way. Entrepreneurship is a way to take the limits off your financial growth.

I Think we should all be thinking about it, and at some point DO something about our thoughts.