Happy Holidays

We have spent fours days so far without having to go to work! It’s Easter! I have been enjoying the holidays and doing a lot of sleeping as well as reflecting. On Friday, I was fired up and broke into Chapter Two of Till Death (by the way that’s just page 29). Stuff has happened – Dupe has given birth, her mother-in-law is coming over for omugho of sorts (I will let you find out what that means). And moreover she is about to have a life-changing accident. On Friday night, my pen was racing over the paper like a roller coaster, I really thought I was going to hit like page 40 this weekend but I think I still did OK.

So what have I been up to then? Well, asides from the sleep, and the Easter buzz, today, we had a volunteer’s meeting to prepare for The Platform 8.0. The Platform is a motivational programme organised bi-annually by Coveneant Christian Centre. The core drive of the Platform is helping people see opportunities, improve performance and generally advance in their careers and business. The Platform is open to everyone who can attend free of charge. Interestingly, starting last year, the Platform streams live on the Internet and local television. Moereover, this year, the Platform will stream on Blackberry and iphone Smart Devices. To be part of the platform on May 7, 2011 wherever you are, you can use the following links:





If you are in Lagos, you can be at the venue: Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos Island. The Platform is always a massive and very educative. This year, we are expecting the likes of Jared Cohen, Director of Google Ideas; Lanre Olusola, ASET/NCUF Certified Life Coach; Leke Alder, Principal, Alder Consulting; Sam Graham-Felson, Chief Blogger during President Obama’s 2008 Campaign; Saray Lucy, Award winning American Technology Journalist; Tony Rapu, Senior Pastor, This Present House; and Anand Giridharadas, New York Times’ first Bombay-based corresponedent in the modern era.

If  you plan to be there at TBS, please do register as soon as possible at www.theplatformnigeria.com/register. Space is quite limited. I look forward to seeing your there. Adios.