Goofs and Grace

I know someone I consider special and I am going to talk about his professional goofs today.  Don’t worry, I’m sure he won’t mind.


Back in 2003/2004, Wi-Fi Expert dropped a NGN60000 Grid antenna from 60 feet while attempting to adjust its position. That was the end of that day’s work. He hung from the height, wishing he could press the ‘rewind’ button and recover the antenna but … there is no rewind button in real life.


In 2006, while working at a client’s site, Wi-Fi Expert fell through a roof and fell to the hard floor about eight feet away, left arm first. He obviously broke his wrist and had to wear POP for a while. Once again, end of the day’s work.


Earlier in that same year while practising Cisco Router configuration, Network Administrator issue erase nvram twice on a 1900 router and got away with it (after all only the configuration was erased). The third time around he issued erase and the very smart Cisco iOS interpreted it as erase flash. When the router booted up, Bros saw a rom monitor prompt! OUCH! The entire Operating System on the router was gone! He then waited for his boss’s bashing the next day.


And now more recently, Dr. DBA was logged on to two databases, one test environment and the other production. Dr. DBA issued truncate table … three times on the test environment (or so he thought). The next day, three tables were completely empty in the production environment. OMG!!! An embarrasing disaster! It took days to complete the restore from backup.


The amazing thing in all this is that my multi-talented IT proffessional friend is still upwardly mobile in his career, no bad records … on record. Well, whateverrrr… if you never make any mistakes; you are probably not doing anything, are you? Whatever you are doing, make the following statement part of your prayer points:


“Father, crown my efforts with success and cover my errors with grace.”


By the way, you might not find this post funny if you are not an IT person. I apologize. But please still make the prayer regularly.


Cheerio. 

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this ain’t funny @ all oooo…the guy nids to be more careful oooo