Of course if you know me you know I could not have written this At least not yet. It is from y direct boss, a little teaser for those of you who are ardent fans of the most popular sport in the world.

LEICESTER is like that poor kid that came from a humble background, even without being able to purchase the expensive textbooks and past questions, he topped the class.

MANCHESTER UNITED is that student whose father used to be a class teacher and bribes for him to pass exams and be at the top in those days. But after the retirement of his father he is always between number 6 / 7 because he can no longer be bribed for. Instead of concentrating in today’s work he’s every time thinking about how he used to perform in the past while others are progressing.

ARSENAL used to top the class but that was years ago. He is that kid who now works hard but on exam day forgets his mathematical set, calculator and pen. He constantly falls sick during exams but very active during normal classes and even corrects the teacher. All the teachers keep saying “Arsenal is a very brilliant boy who can do better if only he takes his exams more seriously.”

CHELSEA is the student that believes he’s the best but in reality, he’s not. He came first on few occasions and thought it will be so always, but reality dawned on him when he was shoved aside by more serious students. His rich father is never satisfied with his performance and is always changing his teachers, which usually affects his performance.

LIVERPOOL always wants to claim he is the best because his father was the best during his time in the same school.

MAN CITY is the son of the richest man in town. His parents have hired the best lesson teacher to lecture him but he still can’t perform to expectation.

TOTTENHAM doesn’t really want to be first, all he wants is to be better than Arsenal.Where do u belong? 🙂





What do you think?