I have been in IT for about 10 years and nothing ever takes me away from my duties except God. That day however, I had to shelve a trip to the office and have someone stand in for me when she said he seemed to be coming. (He finally came two days later). The following couple of days were full of drives back and forth to the hospital. Anticipation. Expectation. Anxiety? A little. We had packed everything in the travel bag as if it was a hotel we were going to. The nurses were definitely as nice as Room Service unexpectedly. Ghanaians are generally nicer when they are in customer service roles I guess!

The pain came at intervals. Hours on end. On the final evening it seemed as though she needed some help. It was deeply emotional, watching the inevitable process of birth. I got the the borderline, questioning the intelligence of this design. Why not an egg, external to the human body? Why not mitosis of some sort? Or even creation by words? Why so much pain? Did the pain arrive after the fall? What was the process before the fall. And I recorded all the intermittent outcries, and breathing and gibberish and calls to the midwife. The last two intense hours.

When it was time to go to the next level, I was close to tears. Why after all the hours? What are the possible things that could happen? I could not afford exposing my emotions in her face. That would be even scarier. I held back. It did not take long though I could not look inside. How did these doctors do it? Horrific sights of internal body parts and they acted normal. She just smiled. The pain had been temporarily suspended and she could not see what was really going on. The cry of the baby brought relief about twenty minutes later. It was done.