I believe we were wired for community from the beginning. We were made by God with the desperate need to be needed, a profound desire to be devoted to another or others. Some part of our souls craves the satisfaction of sharing our lives – money, time, possessions – with others. Life makes more meaning when these longings are fulfilled.


I, more than once, have heard the illustration that if a man is given a few days to live he would not regret all the work he did not finish in the office or all the money he did not make as much as he might regret the relationships he took for granted. Conversely, a dying man’s closest confidants at the point of death are more often than not those bound to him by blood. Those who miss him most are not those he worked for or worked with but those he shared love relationships with.


Family is a vital part of human life. When you have the opportunity to nourish those bonds that are not too easy to describe in human words, do not hold back anything. Feed the bonds to fatness, lavish love on your kin, receive love in return, relish every moment. Time spent with family is never lost time. The wealth of relationships last much longer than any gold we could gather while in this world. Such wealth is saved in the most secure recesses of our hearts.


When we prepare to start a new family, the old does not become extinct? It is merely extended. The first phenomenon that pulls the first members of a new family together is often some form of physical or tangible attraction but the bonds of family are much deeper than the superficial decorum apparent on a wedding day or in the passing pleasures of physical intimacy. There is so much more….


Family is precious. Value her, nourish the bonds. Give all you can while you can.