Events and Emotions

About 11 years ago almost 3000 people died at their workplace when two commercial aircrafts rammed in the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York City. It’s all part of history now. In January 2002 we were sitting in our houses when we began hearing what sounded like aerial bombardments from enemy aircraft. We eventually learnt that these were stationary bombs exploding in Ikeja Military Cantonment, Lagos, Nigeria. More recently several bomb explosions have hit the northern Cities of Nigeria killing and wounding hundreds. Just a few weeks ago a single plane crash claimed the lives of more than 150 people. When it happened, there was a lot of emotional outbursts about the nation, the government, aviation in Nigeria, the age of aircrafts and so on. Apparently most of it was just that: emotional outbursts.


When events unfold in history within the period of such events there is a natural tendency for emotional outbursts; people rail at the government, the perpetrators, nature, maybe even God. People make drastic decisions “I will never live in the north again!”, “I will never travel by Skondo Airlines again”, “I will preach the gospel to everyone I see”, “I will do this and that…”. But all this often fades as the events are swallowed up by the passage of time. Very few make lasting decisions based on events. These events have very little lasting impact on anyone except maybe those directly affected.


Go back a few weeks to the Plane crash in Lagos Nigeria. Remember all the things we said. Remember the BBM messages we wanted to forward until the Government does something about Air Safety. Remember the movements that may have been formed. Emotional Outbursts. Decisions made base d on emotional outbursts do not last. Or maybe they do for some people.


I think we should go over our lives again once in a while and determine what decisions we have taken in response to events and consider how we might implement those that make lasting sense. It could be some social work, some missionary work, charity and so on. It could even be some adjustment to our own personal lifestyles. Going beyond just the “Hey yaass” and “It’s a pity” ensures that we are actually making reasonable progress in our lives.

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True talk, bt sm ppl are still fighting, though