It’s 2018 and I should start by saying “Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by”.

One of the things we are pursuing this year is the penetration of our new book Entangled in the ever-so-competitive world of literature. We worked very hard on pre-sales publicity starting October 2017 and we did get some support thanks to VentSell and Wigal (our USSD Code Provider). It is really fun to use technology to do something seemingly ordinary.

During the launch we took it a step further and streamed online, allowing friends to share in our effort and equally be inspired to pursue their own gifts. I really enjoyed the Book Launch and we really¬† didn’t have to spend so much. Ever so grateful we are to friends who helped out. It is simply an awesome thing to have people around you who give their time and talents to assist one pursue their dreams. Whatever you do, find great friends.

Social Media? Amazing. Chris Greenwood taught me a cool way to grow Facebook audience which worked in an amazing manner. It help reach uncharted regions. In the course of this publicity we also got to meet good supporters right here in Ghana. Even out YouTube Channel has seen significant growth since the launch of Entangled.

Challenges? Yup, we had them. From printing errors to illness to technical flaws with our streaming, challenges are part of our journey to greatness. It is all part f the story. Whatever you are pursing on this planet, expect difficulty. If grows you. We thank God we are overcoming overcomers. We have a story to tell those who are coming after us.

After all the efforts we finally started reaching the bookshops and the reception has been quite encouraging. The feedback from the earlier book Till Death also nudged us on to put in more effort. People are actually reading the books, I mean people asides our friends and family. It is just awesome. That alone is enough inspiration to write more. So far Challenge Bookshops and Dreams & Visions have given the best returns and we are grateful. It can only get better.

Entangled. Wow. Virtually everyone who has read it has said they could hardly drop the book. They want more. I am looking forward to make more time to write “If I Were to Live Again”, “Mission West Africa”, “I Survived” , “The Thought Compendium” , “Alternatives: The Spouse I Never Had” and so on. Ideas are brewing and it is just a matter of time.

OK. Signing out today’s scribble, I do hope to read your feedback on Amazon, Smashwords, our Facebook Page or YouTube Channel after you read Entangled. Thank you and whatever you do, express yourself!

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