Abena walked briskly towards her car and Philip trailed behind, wondering why she was in such a hurry.

“Hahaha. You think everyone is my girlfriend now? “

“Ok. Your beloved not your girlfriend”

Philip startled some passersby with the roar of his laughter. Abena wasn’t amused. Philip noticed how serious she seemed and tried to explain without giving details of what let up to their acquaintance.

“I just met her on the plane. We happened to sit together”

“I see…”

“I haven’t been on a plane outside Ghana before but whenever I go to Tamale by air, whenever people get to their destination everyone goes their own way. I scarcely see people walking with the people they sat with to arrivals!”

“Hahaha. Abena are you OK? You are sounding jealous!”

Philip had just dropped his luggage in the open booth. He walked to the passage side of the front seat as he made the last statement. Abena was on the driver’s side. She stopped and stared at him momentarily.

“You mean jealous of you flying in planes every now and then?”

The look on her face was a warning that this line of discussion was no longer safe. He changed topics.

“Nice car” he complimented, shutting the door at exactly the same time as Abena started the engine. He was always proud of his upwardly mobile career lady friend. The rest of the drive was not very eventful and as soon as they reached Ablekuma, Abena declined following him in. Zainab came towards the window as soon as she heard the sound of the small red Kia Venga stopping by the gate. She didn’t see clearly but it was obvious Philip was being dropped off by a young lady.



Back in the car Philip reached out to hug Abena and she obliged. This was a little rare between them. They held on for a few seconds then Abena pushed him away abruptly when she felt his lips on her neck!

“What? Are you OK? Did you just kiss me? What? I can’t believe this!”. She kept shaking her head and expressing disgust with the gestures on her face. Philip was dumbfounded. Why did he do that? He had no idea! He just stared into space while Abena questioned him with her eyes. He was glad she resisted at the same time surprised that she, whom he did not think of as particularly spiritual, was the one who woke him up. Abena was raised in a staunch Catholic family and morality was very important. Virginity was a strong virtue. To Pentecostals of the twenty-first century, Speaking in Tongues was much more important than virginity. To Catholics, it was different. There was pride in keeping oneself intact till marriage. Philip experienced the reality of that conviction from Abena’s response. She knew exactly where the boundaries were.

“You see you…” Abena continued her scolding, “You need help o. Please get out of my car!”

Philip promptly opened the door and stepped out. He managed to pick his luggage from the booth and came back, peeping through the glass to say goodbye. “I’m sorry” he mumbled but Abena zoomed off without responding. He pulled out the trolley handle gently and walked through the gate which had been ajar, dragging his bag and a heavy dose of depression. Something was wrong with him. He needed help.



Zainab opened up the front door and beamed with a smile, bright as sunshine. Her eyes sparkled and looked straight into his. She hugged him hard and the took his travel bag from him bringing it through the door.

“Great to have you back” Her voice was ever so soft. “How was your trip?”

“Great! God has been good. Thank God for journey mercies”


Both were smiling sheepishly and blushing heavily. To Zainab, it felt just like welcoming her husband home. She shut the door gently and locked it while Philip looked at her shorts which she had worn specially for this moment. He spelt the mild feminine body spray. When she turned around and look at his eyes again she knew he was ready for her. She pulled him towards herself and planted her lips on his. He did not resist. The entire cycle repeated itself again and they were in bed with each other at 7:00 PM after a few hours of sleep.

“We did it again!” Zainab started.