We stood there, three of us considering the possibility that this virus is a deliberate attempt to cut down the population of the Black Race. We are too many aren’t we? Brewed in the lab of some eccentric Scientist to meet the demands of some sadist politicians… or is it the New World Order? Illuminati? Who knows? Believable theory if constructed properly. Seems to make some sense and putting it all together is not all that difficult, is it?


The human mind does have extreme creativity, stretching reality often far beyond its boundaries. Strange how one says something untrue so many times that he himself begins to actually believe it. But is it in fact untrue? Who discovered the virus? THEM! Who tells us how one can get infected? THEM! Who tells us we can get infected by physical contact with the sick and then clarifies that the sick have to be very sick first? THEM! It is always THEM isn’t it? We wait and watch till THEY tell us….


Is there anything we can be first at? Is there anything we can lead the world in? Tell the world about? Who listens to US? Who wants to learn anything from US? You know it makes me think about education. What does it mean to be educated? In one sense, it may just mean to be indoctrinated with a preferred culture. The typical educated man among US prides himself in his ability to speak THEIR language fluently, rehearse some age-long theory that one of THEM spent his life discovering, wear THEIR clothes of several layers in hot weather and so on.


Someone made a joke that Christopher Columbus did not discover America, rather the American Natives rescued him from the ocean while he was lost at sea! The West Africans might have also helped Mungo Park while he was straying on the River Niger, incidentally. What do WE have to offer THEM? What are we teaching our children?