Joe Jackson. The name strikes you. His personality is even more striking. And his figure? He called it an Elephant.

Joe kept us engaged for an hour or so last Thursday at British Council, Accra during a program organised by the Chartered Institute of Marketers. Yes Marketers. They do have a professional institution. It was a grand event in terms of content and depth of sophistication mixed with simplicity. Joe mixed fun with intellectual prowess in a very inspiring presentation which started on a “lovely” note.

Joe used the analogy of a man fighting to win his beloved to describe what a marketer or anyone wishing to sell something should do in order to be successful. Before you think I am just talking about the ability to sell well I must modify my terms. This presentation was not just about selling but about “Brand Strategy”. I will not pretend I now what that term means technically but I do know the implications: creating a product that is successful in the market.

This brings us into another term that was clarified in the presentation: a Product is not the same as a Brand. A Product creates rational competition while a Brand creates emotional competition. Joe gave examples comparing actual brands/products. The underlying concept was that a brand tends to create a emotional buzz ad brand loyalists tend to have an emotional attachment to the products in question. In essence, creating a winning brand involves engaging the target market emotionally.

At this point I should mention that Joe Jackson based his presentation on a case study of Dalex Swift, a flagship product of Dalex Finance and Leasing Company. Dalex Swift is a product which allows anyone to invest money (starting at 1 cedi equivalent to about 25 cents) electronically at anytime of the day using Mobile Money. The product which was launched in September 2015 (full take-off around November) currently has a sign-up count of about 15000. Now that is success!

Joe shared the success story of this brand beginning from the challenge he and his team had to develop a product with the degree of ultra-convenience that Swift has which give confidence to the customer as he/she faces the future. In the initial stages of developing a strategy for marketing this brand, he mentioned that the team did have the option of traditional advertising methods which did not have the kind of Emotional Buzz that makes a winning brand. A few weeks of thinking and consulting was what then created the concepts for Dalex Swift.

Joe had the humility to acknowledge those who contributed to making the brand a successful, particulary a certain Canadian Brand Consultant by name Graham Robertson, CEO of Beloved Brands. I will end this long piece by stating two stairways we learn at the session with Joe Jackson as follows:

Steps to Creating the Grand Emotion

  1. Define the Target
  2. Define the Need/Enemy
  3. Define the Emotion/Benefit
  4. Define Insights


The Brand Love Curve:








Thanks for reading. I know this was a long one.