Childhood Dreams

When we were young, young as in adolescents, I had a few not too common pastimes: writing short stories, playing “Table Soccer”, making board games and of course making comic books. I used to dream at some point or the other in my life of making board games or comic books  that would sell all over the world or event re-packaging table soccer as a known game (I think something like that is already done). Later I even considered putting comic books on electronic books with motion picture (maybe tablets can do that already). Well, as I grew older, it became more important to go to the University and become an Engineer!


I still do believe however that the most significant strides on earth come from the creative plane. Massive success can be achieved by pursuing childhood dreams, dreams that were formed pure, without the pressure of economic need or parental/peer influence; dreams formed purely from the human spirit and sometimes I dare say dreams that could have even been placed in one’s heart by the One who placed us on this planet. Childhood dreams could be the key each person is looking for.


There are some fantasies of childhood which are just fleeting fantasies but there are some persisting dreams that refuse to leave even when one is older. Such dreams may not necessarily be fulfilled in the exact manner they were intended but we find that the source of what is unfolding in our lives could be those seeds of innocence.  Those seeds were conceived without thinking much about the logistics or finance required, they were pure, created in us when we did not even know whether such things were possible or how they could become possible.


There is a theory that a thought traverses the earth and a number of people receive that thought but those who become significant are those who are among the first to implement the thought. Maybe it is true, maybe it is not. Take some time out, forget about money and revive one or two strong childhood dreams and find out what happens.