Building a Blog Site

Building Igiri Books has been an experience. Most of the work was done by my friend and colleague, Ademola. He is a good developer and has been very helpful. he built the site using WordPress as a platform and an already made template. It could have been done in just a few hours!

Today I learnt how to use already made plugins to integrate with Facebook and Google. Ads are now being published on my site and I expect that this post will automatically be replicated on Facebook. Soon I will work on doing the same for Twitter. You know, when you are selling something, you have to give it the best of publicity (by the way, did I ever tell you I can do Facebook ADs for your business? that’s by the way). It is really amazing how much of free code is out there waiting to be used.

It is also amazing that so many people only play on the Internet! There is a lot one can do to earn money and be productive. Whatever your line of work or business is, I am sure you will find free resources on the Internet which will prove very useful. I have found much in my efforts to publicize my book and I am sure there is something out there which will work for you.

See you later then.