Beautifully Brainy

You spend over an hour before the mirror, dressing up to a point of flawless physical appearance, all in preparation for a single lecture.

After over an hour of dressing up, you take beautiful strides and walk elegantly to the road side. Instead of joining a campus shuttle to save a few Ghanaian pesewas, you opt for a taxi to drop you right infront of your lecture hall for all to see ‘your arrival’.

Well, upon entry, lectures come to a halt! Your lecturer pauses to allow you to have a seat. He did so not because you are the latest Miss Universe or the next Miss Ghana, but simply because the attention of every student in the lecture theatre has now been shifted to you and your lecturer can bet that what he’d be teaching within the next 5minutes while you have your seat, would make no meaning to anyone aside himself, so he pauses.

You receive a warm welcome from the noisy guys at the back. Each of them, shifting and making room by their sides, so you can have a seat by them. The ladies have their eyes fixed on you too! For some, they’re keenly looking at your color combinations so they can replicate same the next day at lectures. Others are looking out for the mismatches you have in your accessories so they can update their Facebook statuses with immediate effect….others still, especially, the ‘Krife’ sisters, are silently praying for you in their hearts because by their judgment of your dressing, you’re an agent of the devil and hell-bound!! (If they had their way, they’d have converted the lecture session into a deliverance session so they can cast out the spirit of promiscuity in you, with the support of the mighty spiritual men of valour!!)

Well, after your ‘cement-carpet’ walk, you take a seat at a strategic position where all eyes can easily have a glance at you, including your lecturer (Only God knows what he had up his sleeves!!)

After over 30minutes of lecturing,……your lecturer throws a question at the class…and points at you to provide the answer.

(Heaven must come down, you think to yourself!). Yes, you spent over an hour to polish your body, but totally failed to polish your brain and read through a few pages ahead of the class so you can be spared such ‘heaven-must’-come-down’ moments. And since your arrival in the class, you haven’t been listening to ‘foko’! You have only been bothered about how well you’re seated, who might be watching you from which corner and even stealing some time to take a few shots to enable you parade your beauty on!

So there you sit: Lipstick – On point. Hairstyle – On point. Eyelashes – Well outlined. Attire – Colourful combination. Shoes – Fitting and appropriate…..Now, answer the question, we’re all waiting!!!

How you survive that moment, only God knows. But after class, you go and deceive your roommates and tell them that because of the attention you got in class, your lecturer ‘spoilt’ your market by intentionally asking you a question from a lesson which he is yet to teach the class!! (God is watching!!)

My dear friend, you are the one ‘spoiling’ your own market. Your packaging is incomplete. Yes, you look great and beautiful on the outside but polish the ‘inside’ too. – Be Beautifully Brainy!


Contributed by Sarah Dodoo