We recently performed an installation of a SQL Server 2016 Failover Cluster Instance using the command line syntax similar to the one below:




This was not the first installation of this nature and in this manner we have done but in this case, we found that quite close to the end of the installation we noticed the Analysis Services component did not start on the and the installation failed effectively.

Fig. 1 SQL Server Analysis Services StartUp Failed


Note that Database Engine services had been installed and was up and running both on SQL Server Configuration Manager and on the Failover Cluster Manager. The error we got on the front end was this:


Unable to read parameters from registry for Service '(null)'. Error: 13, property in error is 'ServiceName'.


As part of troubleshooting we removed the /Q parameter and ran the command again. This gave the opportunity to view the GUI in detail for the error. We still got the error at the end of the installation and had to dig into the Windows Event Log where we found the error below after filtering for errors with MSOLAP$<Instance_Name> as Source:

The service cannot be started: File system error: The following error occurred during a file operation: Access is denied. . (\\?\K:\INST5_AVAYA_DATA_01\DATA\CryptKey.bin).

We were able to solve this by granting full control of the parent folder for this file Cryptkey.bin to the account NT SERVICE\MSOLAP$<Instance_Name>. As at now we do not knw whey the permissions were not automatically granted but once we retried the started on the installer (an option we had because we resorted to GUI), the installation completed successfully.


Fig. 2 SQL Server Analysis Services StartUp Successful