A Long Trip

When going on a long trip, we find that the process of boarding  the plane could be somewhat gruesome and seemingly superfluous. From the airport gates to the long queue at the airline’s counter; customs,  the long walk from one section to another while heading towards the boarding gates. Sometimes you get a place to sit, often not but always there is a sign somewhere telling you which way to go or else a voice from the PA system. Eventually you can see the planes, and when it’s time, you strap yourself to your seat and take the journey.


Short trips are usually not that gruesome. Not too many processes. Neither is there so much sophistication in the signs and instructions and slips one has to fill. This is the same with less risky modes of transport like a bus or a car. The boarding process is often easier when the mode of transport (quality) and length of the journey (quantity) are minor.


In life, there are certain journeys in life that require long and gruesome boarding processes, several verifications and check points, clearance here and there and often a good number of waiting periods. In such life situations, your willingness to go through the various checks, wait when there is need to wait and read the signs at each corner often reflect the quality of the journey you are about to take. In life’s long journeys, YOU define the quality and quantity of that journey.


Assuming you are the captain of the vessel in this journey and you choose to skip several checks because time is of the essence, or completely ignore those waiting periods, it becomes clear that you do not value the safety of your passengers much. What are the risks? A hijacker aboard… a passenger with no ticket… unforeseen circumstances … a faulty vessel … it could go on and on.


When your vessel reaches the middle of the ocean and there is no help in sight, no land nearby, a storm rises and your lack of preparation becomes apparent in the midst of the ocean. How grievous it would be to have a ship sink in the midst of the sea for failing to perform a simple check at the beginning of the journey.


How is your journey going?

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Very insightful and true!