Kenneth Igiri was born in the south-eastern, Igbo-speaking area of Nigeria, West Africa. He is the 5th of fourteen children and has lived in Nigeria up to the time of this writing. While his regular job has little to do with creative writing, the arts run in his blood line – from acting to dancing to music. Kenneth personally finds expression in creative writing – poems, songs or short stories.

Professionally, Kenneth has been working in Information Technology areas for the past eight years as at 2013. He does enjoy being around computers a lot and learning new skills. he currently works in Accra as a Database Administrator showing much interest first in MS SQL Server and related technologies and then in Oracle. On the long term, he has dreams of delving into IT Consulting for SMEs in Africa. When not writing or at the office, Kenneth does some leisure reading, movies and music.

Between 1999 and 2001, he wrote the manuscript for his first published work, Njànsí. Njànsí was eventually published in November, 2010. He is currently (2013) writing the manuscript for his second book, Till Death, where his views on the marriage institution are subtly expressed. He plans to use his spare time to write a full short story every year. Kenneth plans to develop the manuscript for Single, his third book, in the coming year (2014). It promises to be explosive.

Kenneth is a believer in Jesus Christ, and he expresses this in his creative work without appearing fanatical. His faith is his life, and his writing is a part of his life. He looks forward to more and more people learning about the culture of the Faith through his writings.