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A Vision for the Future

Before leaving home this morning I told m wife I am looking forward to the day when I would wake up, pray, have breakfast at about 7:00 AM and then sit out in the balcony to read a good book. At about 10:00 AM I would go to consult with a large company and earn $10,000 for working with them for an hour. At about 2:00 PM I would go give a talk somewhere and earn another $10,000 then be home by 4:00 PM to do some writing. All this could be a daydream or a possible reality (a reality that has already manifested for some people my age in this same world anyway) depending on what I do with today.

It is important that we paint a picture for our future and keep that picture in front of us consistently. Let it be the driver for our routine tasks. Let the vision be the determinant of our engagements. Let the vision be the reason for how we spend our time. How much is today’s activities contributing towards to vision? Can you see five years from now? Ten years? Twenty years? Or are you just taking one day at a time as it comes. I know it is possible to predict the eventual outcome of our lives to a reasonable degree of accuracy because people have done it already. Why not us? Are you willing to take the necessary steps to make the picture in your mind a reality? Think about this deeply.

The thoughts in this post are further developed in my upcoming book It I Were to Live Again. #IfIWere2LiveAgain

Told What to Do

The route from my home to the office runs over a railway intersection at a place called Avenor in Accra Ghana. Once in a while I see a middle-aged man using a pickaxe to remove the deposits of sand choking the steel rail. The first time I saw this I wondered to myself if this was the best way to do this> This bothered me because the rail line tended to be a bottleneck because of the fact that the railway sleepers had been badly damaged thus creating a sort of pot hole at that point on the intersection.

In my layman’s opinion, solving the traffic problem at that spot could just be a matter of filling the portion in between the two steel rails with gravel but I guess this might negatively impact the trains. But the more reason why I am doing this post today is that when I passed there this morning (21st May), it occurred to me that the gentleman cleaning the rail line was just doing what he was told. He probably had no idea why he was doing what he was doing.

The man at the railway crossing is not alone in this quagmire. A large number of individuals who work for large companies also find themselves simply doing as they are told. This passive approach to work arises from the fact that most people are working simply to get a salary, they bring nothing new into their routine tasks, ask very few “WHY” questions and have no long term vision asides from looking for how to please the boss enough for a promotion.

Do you find yourself in this mediocre group? I hope not. Bringing passion, thoughtfulness and innovation to your job is a gift you give yourself. The most valuable takeaway you will gain from your current workplace is knowledge and experience. Being fully engaged will give you that.

Multi-level Marketing

A friend of ours asked us in a WhatsApp Group about a certain new pyramid scheme that promised a lot of money. To most of us it just seemed like another Ponzi scheme so we advised against it. Part of what came across in the question was the desire for more money (which most of us naturally have) and the natural tendency of human being to fall into other human beings’ tendency to take advantage of their friends and acquaintances.

Multilevel Marketing has been around for a long time and many people are already full abreast with the basics. Many people have also tried their hands on a number of options and gotten stuck or scammed along the way. Typical challenges are the unwillingness of people to join after a while, bad experiences of those who have gotten themselves involves in fake schemas and the high cost of the products marketed by companies using Muti-level Marketing.

I recently came across a book called the 45 Second Presentation written by Don Failla and available here which opened my eyes to the possible reasons people do not succeed at Multilevel Marketing. I must add here that key figures in the financial freedom world such as Dave Ramsey and Robert Kiyosaki both acknowledge genuine Multilevel Marketing as valid means of growing wealth if done correctly.

Both Dave Ramsey emphasize that many people give up along the way. (But think about it, many people give up or fail in every kind of business). They also both emphasize two key things about Multi-level Marketing:

* Valid Multi-level Marketing companies ALWAYS have a high quality products that create profit which pays members

* What really makes successful Multilevel Marketing Ambassadors is people who can recruit and train other members

One key conclusion that I have come to is that you must be very cautious when exploring Multi-level Marketing opportunities so you don’t fall into the wrong hands and if you discove r that the system is not for you, move along and find what suits you. If you are already involved, then make the best of it but do not be dishonest about the realities and challenges and please do avoid turning all your relationships into transactions.

If you would like to learn more about a specific opportunity that I am involved in, do send me a private message. Please note: it’s not for everyone.