Been Here Before

It was about 3:58 AM and I had been listening to music all night while at work. Most of the songs I was listening to were African praise songs on YouTube. I come across a comment by an American referring to the rocky spring and huts in a certain video. In her words:

love this song it touches my soul, I am an American but it seen as though I’ve been in the place of the rocks before. Can you tell me where is it please? Especially the thatch huts with the branches on it’s roof”

My first thought was that Jennie was not saying she had been there and had forgotten where she went. Obviously a tour to such a rare place would be something worth remembering and even recording. My thinking is that she was saying she feels as though she had been there and the feeling was so strong that it was not just her imagination. It was to her as though something happened to her there that she was trying to remember even though she has really never been there in her own lifetime. Spooky!

Inherited Memory

At this point, the thoughts began to roll in. Is it possible that this Jennie is an African American who is picking up fragments of memories passed on to her from her ancestors; experiences they had before they were enslaved? Is it possible that some aspects of our inner selves can actually be inherited? This Subconscious Residue may be responsible for some kinds of Déjà vu or some dreams of things past, character traits which cannot really be explained as being genetic. Deep Spooky!

While towing that line, I might as well mention a certain event from my teen years. I was making a statement and at the conclusion, I clapped my hands in a certain way and I noticed the pause in the air. My mom asked my second cousin “Who claps his hands like that when he finishes talking?”, she replied without thinking “De” referring to my father. I mean, I can understand the appearance of one’s nose or one’s complexion being transferred via genetic code but mannerisms and character traits being transferred in this way is a bit extreme for me. Maybe someone can explain. Subconscious Residue.

“Where is the Tree?”

Back in the nineties, my distant cousins came in from abroad for the first time. While in the village, I understand one of them asked about a certain tree that had been cut down as well as an old dining table that had belonged to my grandfather. Spookier! Well it was either a case of familiar spirits or still my theory of Subconscious Residue. I never got to ask her about it myself.

At this point you might think this is a case of blabbing gone too far. Well, you will agree that there are many things which are yet to be explained about our human experiences. I look forward to asking the Creator when we get to Heaven. I do hope you are coming.

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