In late 2017, we launched our latest book Entangled: A Little Too Many, A Little Too Close. We would like to have your short reviews, suggestions and portions of the books which excited or struck you the most while reading. We look forward to hearing from you. If you recently read any of our earlier books, Till Death and Njansi, feel free to post your comments as well.





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  1. Till Death: A very powerful book, I started reading yesterday and and finished it today, even when i had to put down the book I kept replaying every scene in my head even while I was working I couldn’t wait to get back to it. I love the fact that it was narrated by an angel, that’s a very powerful perspective, another part that excited me were the lasting words of comfort Kenneth left at the end of every weary scene like: when Linda got pregnant; “I knew the father loved her too as well as the result of her sin” and in Rosaline’s situation; ” The One who brings light out of darkness was still waiting , waiting for where to surrender “. This book is HOPE, a spark in my heart has been ignited, an understanding that the father holds us. Every word in this book was God breathed, I can tell cause I felt life and joy come into me as I read. Finally , The part about futuristic Lagos, I can’t say anything other than this ” I SEE A MAN WITH VISION, I SEE KENNETH IGIRI. God bless you Sir

  2. I really enjoyed reading TILL DEATH. The story line is great and captivating. Wish the story was longer though.

    The editor should be more critical when editing because I noticed a few misspellings; other than that the book is a classic.

    Well done Ken, God’s grace will continually be upon you.

  3. ‘Till Death’ by Kenneth Igiri is a good read.

    The part that really struck me is in chapter 2, when Emeka prayed upon seeing the gruesome accident involving his wife.

    ——– “My Lord…”
    Two words are often enough prayer. The Father does not really speak in English though those who hear may hear in English or any other native language of theirs. Neither does he hear in English. A prayer is not a prose or a poem. The number of words is not as important as the content, potent or spiritual content. A response comes from Heaven when spiritual substance leaves the spirit of man and reaches the father. A prayer worth several pages went up to heaven from Emeka’s heart. The Father heard. ———


  4. I have read only chapter one so far but am very impressed.
    Truly, the style is just like a classic of African literature.
    There is a lot of untapped talents in the author only waiting to be used.
    well done ken !!!
    Keep it up and God bless you.

  5. Till Death is one of the Good African books i have read and impressed. Very captivating, deep sense of thought and humor. i like the suspense and thrill it comes with. Ken Agiri thanks for been one of the few african writers who take africa to the next level. my prayer is that you reach higher heights and be a great writter like the likes of Afua Sanderland and Chinua Achiebe.

    Kudos Ken!!!!!
    Beyond the sky is the limit!!!

  6. Njansi was good. Very vivid pictures of cult activities comes alive as you read it. What struck and has stayed with me most is Aunty Mureen’s heart, resolve n faith in God to pray n save the soul of her nephew regardless of the circumstances of his birth which resulted in his being adopted into the cult.
    Going forward, I would like to say a very great attempt by author on his first book . Kudos, also for the courage in showcasing his faith n beliefs through his writing. Looking forward to more God breathed n faith inspiring books from him.
    God bless you. love you. ………

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