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Crowd Funding is Native to Africa

One of the most beautiful things about Africa is the value we have for family and community. When we give birth we do not have to pay nannies, our mothers-in-law are there for us. When we want house helps, we can readily get distant cousins from our home towns (at least when I was growing up). When we want to school abroad the village chief calls a meeting and everyone contributes to send us to school in the hopes that we will make the village proud at the end of the day. When we want to start business all we need to do is work for Uncle Okoro for a few years and he will set us up (happens in Nnewi). Community is a concept native to Africa. These days we are becoming more western, more individualist, focusing more more on our nuclear families. It could be a culture shift or just a response to economic pressure. In the mean time the west is re-defining the concepts of community through such innovations as Social Media, Crowd Funding and even Bitcoins. So many things can be achieved faster when people come together. This is largely an African ideology.

Crowd Funding allows one to get support for a projects or startup using small amounts of money from a large number of people. Think about it. You want to build a bore hole for your community and you need GHC2000.00 and no charity is willing to give you that amount at a go. However you do have a thousand Facebook friends from all over the world who trust you and can afford to give you the equivalent of GHC2.00 each in any currency. Your project is done! You have a business proposition which borders on Social Entrepreneurship. You may want to start an Orphanage or an Old People’s Home and you need GHC10,000.00 seed capital. One hundred of your friends who also have one hundred friends you can raise GHC100,00.00 at GHC1.00 per person depending on your determination.

Now let’s go to two key questions: WHY and HOW?

Why would ten thousand people give you GHC1.00 each? Because they trust you. Family and community are based on love and trust. Trust is a powerful concept that binds Africans together. They trust that you will actually do the project not buy a car. They trust that you will let them know when and how the project is done. They also trust that where applicable you will somehow let them benefit from the returns of your project,

How can you achieve this Crowd Funding? You definitely cannot go around with a basket asking all your friends for GH1.00 each. Besides they would definitely be embarrassed that all they can give you is GHC1.00. The answer lies in an online platform and is one of such platforms. Do not waste another second. Start a project this month. #CrowdFunding #Events

AD 2017 01 01

This is my 136th post and my 6th year on this blog. Just this afternoon I had a small chat with one of my bosses regarding our tendency to analyze so hard that we fail to even start something worthwhile ever. I recalled a statement I heard from Pastor Poju Oyemade a few years ago along the lines of “Ready, Fire, Aim!!!” which speaks of the need to make a move before perfecting you move in certain circumstances. I thank God I made a move with my books and with my blogs. It can only get better.

I encourage you to see this first day of 2017 as another opportunity to make a move. Many people can advise you or help you analyze things but only YOU ALONE can feel the heat of the vision burning in your heart. Mark my words, when something is a real vision it typically will be beyond the borders of current knowledge. We really cannot accurately analyze it until YOU give birth to it. So make a move. Ready, Fire First, then Aim.

One of the most precious resources we are given on this planet is time. We cannot afford to waste it because it impossible to recover. Risks are better taken when there is more time ahead of us to recover in the case of a failure than otherwise. In other words, If my first attempt fails when I am twenty years old, I still have more than forty years to learn and try again. But if my first risk is at forty, I have a dicey situation. If you are yet to take a risk, find what is burning in your heart and go for it NOW!

Let me round up by recording my word of advice to myself and my friends this year. Please add these to your arsenal:

* Respect Time. It is passing quicker than you think. Strive to do more with less. Account for your activities. Work towards identifying the returns on every hour of every day spent. Difficult but possible.

* Acquire Assets. Assets create wealth, liabilities deplete resources. Currency is given to you for a certain period of live so you have an opportunity to acquire real assets. Knowing the difference between assets and liabilities and spending on assets is strong wisdom.

* Read Enough Books. You do not have time to know everything so look for knowledge that will enhance your life’s pursuits. Too many books simply makes you an analyst of other people’s ideas. Relevant books will make you an expert in a specific field.

* Give. While the earth remains, seed-time and harvest will never cease. One of the primary purposes of wealth in any of its forms is for it to flow round. Allowing wealth flow through you generates more fulfillment that merely amassing it indefinitely

* Nurture Relationships. Once a week smiles won’t cut it. Work on really getting to know a core group of people of like vision. Give time, give a smile, ask about their welfare, engage deeply. Learn to really love.

* Honour God. So many things are out of you control already so why not just relinquish the steering wheel and give God first place. “Many are the plans in the heart of a man but it is the Lord’s counsel that shall stand.”. In the final analysis, God rules so make Him King already.

I pray for you that God will consume you with an obsession this year that will wake you up every day before 5:00 AM. That you will become completely uncomfortable with the way things are and look for how they can be. I pray that the ship of your life will not be driven by a sail but by an engine with deliberate direction and the required bursts of energy.

Thank you for making time to stop by my blog every once in a while. I wish you and your a Glorious New Year. 2017 can become a new season for you once you take action in the correct direction. God is waiting on YOU!

What I Think Mr. Eddy Could Have Done

The other day my wife ordered some pizza and requested delivery to the house. It so happened that on this particular day, the 27th of December, delivery was not available. First shocker! Delivery unavailable during a holiday period. I would have thought this was when everyone planned for a deluge of customers at eateries.

Incidentally when we eventually went to the shop to pick up the pizza ourselves we found a massive crowd outside and a massive queue waiting for their takeaways. There was an ingenious contraption there to manage the queue: a certain waiter was taking names and assigning everyone “Tally Numbers” (if you were born after 1985 you may not have heard of those). Well, most people really wanted their pizza so they waited for their numbers.

We, however, did not wait for numbers. We did not wait for the pizza either (of course we needed a number to get the pizza. We left and got some pies which turned out just OK for the night. Now to the point:

First I do think Mr. Eddy could have planned for home delivery within this period. do think there are several people who would be willing to pay double the cost of delivery just to avoid the queue I saw at that shop. I also think Mr. Eddy could have done this easily without having the customer call in and wait for someone to pick up the phone. Wigal Solutions offers a variety of USSD capabilities that can allow customers make orders and even possibly pay from their phones ahead for pizza delivery and other such mundane services.

Second, one might say the reason why delivery was not available on this day was because the delivery man was ill or the company they were dealing with could not handle the volume or whatever other issue. Planning ahead for peak periods during a holiday like Christmas could involve engaging third party delivery services like Somame. Somame would gladly deliver and be paid per delivery rather than demand an upfront contract. Business is negotiation and planning ahead could have included this kind of negotiation.

Mr. Eddy lost some customers that night like us who could not wait. We would gladly have waited one hour sitting in out homes and waiting for a a Somame delivery rather than standing in the hot, noisy. shop. My. Eddy also wasted man hours. That guy who was giving “Tally Numbers” could have been doing something else. Those cooks preparing pizza in a hurry could have relaxed a little knowing customers were waiting in a relaxed atmosphere at home not at the counter. Most of all, Mr. Eddy lost money: money for other customers who could have bought pizza and paid double for delivery.

In summary, I do think it could all have been done better. We learn, we grow. No harm intended Mr. Eddy.

STRETCH: How to Move from Deficit to Surplus – Albert Ocran

Commencement Speech by Rev. Albert Ocran at the Graduation Ceremony of the College of Education of the University of Ghana on Saturday 19th November, 2016.

The chairman of the university council, the vice chancellor, faculty, staff, graduands, parents and distinguished guests, twenty-nine years ago, l took the matriculation oath in this Great Hall with a sense of pride but little insight into what lay ahead. Returning to give a commencement address here means a lot to me. God has indeed been good.

I trust that my thoughts will go some way to help each of our 1,550 graduands to achieve your own life goals. I am speaking on how to move from DEFICIT to SURPLUS and my message is simply entitled “STRETCH.”


Let me start by establishing three foundational truths:

A. Natural Deficit. Each of us starts life with a deficit. A child is born vulnerable, dependent and inadequately equipped to deal with the harsh demands of a hostile world. When you’re born in our part of the world, you inherit some additional deficits that have nothing to do with you. Economic inequalities, a seeming lack of opportunity and an often hostile environment all conspire to alienate you from the global stage. You design a great product or write a book in Ghana and probably need ten times the effort of your colleagues elsewhere to be noticed and to breakthrough.

B. Potential for Change. You may have no choice about how you start life or where you start from but you have a responsibility to move yourself from a deficit to a surplus. You need to create a better life for yourself, your children and others after you. Don’t die at the same level where you start. Determine to move from the back to the front. Will there be competition? I bet you. But you can become a world changer if you apply yourself to it.

C. Critical Choices. There are proven choices that can rapidly move you forward in life. In a very competitive environment, there are things you can do to stand out from the pack and guarantee yourself an advantage. It is some of these choices that form the basis of my message today.

I have chosen to summarize seven key attributes in the acronym “STRETCH” for ease of remembrance. After all, one has to really stretch to move from a deficit and be able to generate a surplus. Each of these has nothing to do with your degree or talent but can make a real difference in determining how high you reach. So how do we stretch?


1. Smile. Life can be stressful and everyone wants to hang around someone with a pleasant personality who cheers them up and lifts up their spirits. You may be competent at what you do but if you always have a frown, people will easily be put off. Whether you’re a banker, lecturer, doctor or pilot, a pleasant outlook will enhance your appeal make you more valuable to your clients.

A New York University research on personal branding indicated that within 7 seconds of people meeting you, they would have formed a lasting impression about you. Really? Count up to seven and ask yourself how much of your true nature or inner beauty a person can see in seven seconds. It is evident that your smile is the mirror of your soul and an important first indicator to others of who you really are inside. Smile!!!

2. Timeliness. Punctuality is an another enabler that like a smile requires no talent and has nothing to do with your GPA. The unspoken rule in any organisational arrangement is that the person who is always on time is serious and dependable. If you know you’re not too talented, resourced or well connected, compensate for your deficits in life with an amazing sense of punctuality. You will easily be noticed and you will rise. Punctuality is not debatable. 6:00 AM is always 6:00 AM even if someone doesn’t like you. Be serially punctual.

3. Relationships. Cultivate valuable relationships on your way. Many people are too busy looking for money to care about who they travel life’s journey with. I was blessed with priceless relationships in Legon that have served me well throughout my life. One of the most important choices I was privileged to make right here in Legon was to find my wife Comfort. There is a positive correlation between your relationships and your progress in life. Marry the right person, choose the right business partners and hang out with the right friends.

One of the most incredible pieces of advice I ever got on relationships was to carefully prepare a list of the 100 most influential people in my life and to connect with each of them at least once a month. Strategically select and deliberately lubricate your relationships and your life and career will flourish.

4. Excellence. This is the quality of being unusually good and surpassing ordinary standards. The difference between being excellent and very good is that extra touch, that commitment to read over the script once more. It is the boldness to reject what every one else says is okay.

In my days as a print executive, we voluntarily offered to reprint, at no cost to the client, 10,000 copies of a book that had a minor defect which could easily have been ignored. It sounded like a very bad business decision. But the client was so impressed by the sense of professionalism that he publicly recommended us to others and became a number one client for years. Excellence pays.

5. Tenacity. Tenacity refers to the strength to take responsibility for your life and keep moving it till you reach the place where you desire. Many of us enjoy blaming everyone else for our circumstances. It is fashionable to blame our parents, government, the university, our employers and even our friends for one thing or another. List your deficits today and take responsibility for changing every one of them.

American motivational speaker Nido Qubein once told a story about how he landed from Jordan with only $50 and no knowledge of the English language. He desperately wanted to become a public speaker and so he learnt to memorize 10 words and their meanings every day for 6 days in a week and to rehearse his weekly “Vocabulary” on the 7th day. He did this for years and eventually become the president of the American Speakers Association and president of his own university. Take responsibility and be tenacious!

6. Curiosity. Years ago, I visited a printing fair in Düsseldorf that had several nationalities present. As I stood next to the multi-million euro equipment that was the centerpiece of the fair, I noticed something interesting. Everybody was taking pictures but the interests seemed to be different. The Asians climbed the machine and took pictures of the engine at work ostensibly with the aim of building superior technology. The Europeans took pictures of the machine’s output with the intention of buying the machine and trading with it. The third category of people took selfies next to the machine that would probably end up on Facebook.

Earlier in today’s ceremony, the Vice Chancellor cited a World Economic Forum report from June 2016 and listed the 10 most critical skills needed for the job market in 2020. As he spoke, I noticed that very few students seemed to be writing down the points. I wanted the information. Immediately he sat down, I took my phone requested his speech and took a picture of that page. My friends, ask the right questions and you will find yourself always better informed and more competitive. What am I hired to do? What are the critical success factors? How do I make a greater impact? Why is my competitor so successful? Rudyard Kiplin alluded to six honest servants who taught him everything he knew. They were all questions – Who, Where, Which, How, Why and When. Ask questions and you will significantly accelerate your journey.

7. Honesty. This last attribute is the most critical of them all. Several top CEOs were asked for the single most important attribute they would look for in promoting people and they overwhelmingly chose honesty – integrity, trustworthiness or reliability. Keep your word. Be true to who you are. More people are dismissed all over the world for lack of integrity than for their technical deficits. Build a reputation of being honest and it will follow you all the days of your life.

So there you are. When I say STRETCH!!! I mean Smile, Timeliness, Relationships, Excellence, Tenacity, Curiosity and finally Honesty.

I want to thank the college and the faculty for preparing these leaders for the next stage of their lives. Let me take time to thank all parents who have invested your all to fund your children’s education. I want to specially salute you. On behalf of my 77-year old mother Dora who gave up so much and sold all she had to educate me I celebrate all parents here and say AYEKOO.

I would like to congratulate the new graduates as you step out to the next level. Believe! Begin! Become! Dare to dream that you can be the next big achiever to emerge from Africa. May a young person out there about to start life look at you and say “It is possible.”

I want to tune in to the global news networks in the next decade and see you celebrated all over the world because you dared to STRETCH. That is when you would have moved from Deficit to Surplus.

God bless the College of Education!
God bless Legon, my alma mater!!
God bless our homeland GHANA!!!
God bless us all!!!!

Thank you.

Dubai, Accra and Nkrumah

“Where is the progress in keeping pace with the competition? If our sole goal is to attain the level others have reached, then we are setting our target too low. We must take matters into our own hands. Do no fool yourselves into believing that we are moving forward when we are only keeping up with general trends, while the real opportunities are slipping away” – Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

I went through the Dubai flyover the past two days. The first exit leads to Accra (the popular market area), the second to Kaneshie industrial area and the third either to Awudome Cemetery or straight on to Kaneshie. On the first day I took the second exit and yesterday I took the straight route all the way to Kaneshie. While driving over the second level of the building of flyovers there, I noticed a long line of people who had parked their cars on the bridge and stood by the railings admiring the amazing work of Queiroz galvao. Well it is amazing to us!

Among the items being admired was the statue of Kwame Nkrumah which I believe is there because the area used to be called Nkrumah Circle before we all gathered to sing “Mahama” songs on Monday. Now it is called Dubai! Yes, Dubai. You may want to call it Dubai Annex or Dubai extension or African Dubai. Whatever you like but I say I heard them calling it Dubai.

What interests me about this scenario is that we are continuing the trend of reaching for things that are distant. Dubai, the real Dubai is over 9000km from Accra but it is the closest reference we have of something amazing that we can look to as a model for progress in the development of infrastructure. Maybe it is just the most prominent, overshadowing all others. So, Circle is now Dubai. We are reaching for something distant in terms of space when we refer to Dubai, forgetting that Dubai was probably called Dubai long before it was made a reference point for the world.

We are also reaching to Nkrumah every now and then, someone distant from us in terms of time. We keep referring to him because possible no one else has made the kind of impact he made in his time more than 60 years ago. We ride on his roads, read his quotes, argue with his philosophies. We cannot forget him, because he did not forget us. He thought about those who would live 100 years after he was dead and did things in his time that would remain in the news 100 years after his death.

Question: Are we thinking about our descendants? What will happen in my family 100 years after I am gone? In my local government? In my state/region? In my nation? In the world? Will there be any reference to my contribution? Am I contributing anything? Can I do anything starting from where my fathers stopped or do I keep referring to what my fathers did as a very influential motivational speaker? We choose what happens to our generation. We either start thinking and acting seriously about our future or do we just keep groping in the dark for things distant from us both in terms of time and space.

“Never before have a people had within their grasp so great an opportunity for developing a continent endowed with so much wealth” – Osagyefo, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (1960)

The Principle of the Underdog

If you are starting out in business you may find that not everyone in your sphere will be excited about your decision. Even those you may be trying to ask advise from or honour by telling them about your new idea may be laughing in their heads at you ” … he thinks it is easy. so naive…”.

It is important that you know your place as a startup so you do not fall into intentional and unintentional traps of those already in the industry. The following points are a little contribution I learnt from a good friend on how you can protect yourself and survive, thrive in the midst of those who are much bigger than you.

  • Share your business plan very carefully. Even when seeking refinement of your idea, limit the details you are sharing. If your product can be patented, get it done before seeking mass production.


  • When taking your product to the market, make sure your muscle is much bigger than your mouth. When you over promise and end up unable to deliver, you give your new customers reason to go over to your competitor or even to another new entrant who just happens to have more muscle.


  • Everyone has heard this one before: start small and think big. Start small but plan with scalability in mind. If your customer base is multiplied by ten in less than a year will your website survive the surge? Any major failure in your first few years will put off your customers and give your competitor an opportunity. Recall the Surfline, Busy Internet saga of 2016 in Accra.


  • Prioritize properly in your go-live sequence of events. Depending on your kind of business, product/services must be working efficiently before you start extensive embellishments such as branding. A pretty face full of expensive make-up is of no use on a dead body. No one buys a nice looking car that doesn’t move. Focus on your core business first; embellishments can come later or else your initial capital will disappear into projects that yield no profit.


  • This point is for those who will need to deal with governments. It is very possible for a government official to take your proposal and hand it over to someone else to implement and give him a bigger share. That is part of life! It should not stop you from trying again and it should not push you too quickly into litigation. Do not start your business fighting, just get over it and try again.


  • For those who offer services, understand that your biggest capital is in your head and it is reusable. Do not be in too much of a hurry to hit it big. Start with meager charges and escalate them once you have become well known for  the quality of your work.


  • Capitalize on you networks. If your brother is not willing to buy your products/services, who will? Offer services to those who already know you and use them as reference points for those who do not yet know you. Treasure relationships and take full advantage of them for good.

Well, that is all for today. Do well to let me know if your have any more useful tips in this area. You never know, I might need them too.

Alpha Males and ‘Women Talk’

We were about stepping in the elevator a few hours before the US presidential elections, about seven of us, all males a few of whom you would consider alpha males. The doors opened up and three ladies stepped out and some of the males followed them out of the elevator with their eyes just before all of us stepped in. Then the comments started. The married teasing the unmarried about their preferences from the three, the unmarried analyzing the ‘specimen’ that had just stepped out of the elevator.

Specimen, items for sale, pieces of artwork. The way men often speak of women (and maybe even vice versa in certain circles) makes the object of the observation and analysis seem just less than a living, breathing, person. Terminologies like ‘assets’, ‘back side’, ‘endowed’, and more such terms than I can comfortably write on my blog. The talk often sounds like one is analyzing a car in a garage for sale. Six cylinder engine, alloy wheels, pure leather upholstery, convertible, ‘tear rubber’ etc. Those are expressions one employs when speaking about objects.

More disturbing is the subtle use of women’s bodies for marketing purposes, a massively thriving business. I am not even referring to porn, by the way. I heard the story of a certain Ghanaian bank yesterday which I will paraphrase very slightly. A customer steps into the bank  irate about incessant bank charges hitting his account, wanting to speak to the manager. As he approaches the operations manager’s office, he is met by three tall ladies just in front of the manager’s office one of whom mentions his name. One dark, another fair and yet another bigger and more ‘endowed’ (forgive the term) than the others. They lead him to the manager’s desk and two of them sit by his sides. This emotional (an traumatic) experience makes him forget his pains and admit to the manager that there is actually no problem at all with his bank account but he just wanted to confirm his balance. Classic case of manipulation.

I do not think women or men are objects. The choices we make about our life partners should not be based merely on such shallow assessments of a person. Such talk merely exposes our shallowness and shortsightedness. Do not get me wrong, we should know when a woman is pretty or not and even when a woman is better looking than another in our own judgement. In our own judgement because they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; in other words, it is often just an issue of perception. We do have capacity to be aware of differences in physical appearance. What I am trying to address is the manner in which we speak about it.

Every living human deserves some level of respect. Those who use their bodies to entertain others simply do not have self-respect in my opinion. And those who assess others merely based on their appearance and dare to create near obscene jokes out of people’s appearance do not have respect for others. I do not agree that we evolved from apes so the argument that a man’s primordial instincts are getting the better of him does not hold water where I am concerned. Whether it is the bus conductor at Mile Two bus stop whistling at a voluptuous passer-by (again, forgive the questionable term), the Harvard University male football team or even the President of the United States, I do think all of us males, alpha or not should show more respect in the way we think about and talk about women.

Ab Initio [Archives]

It is my thinking that some of the best paying careers in the world today actually border on support roles rather than the core needs of man. From oil workers to bankers to medical personnel and IT Pros, most roles that seem very important and pronounced were actually created to support core needs. Financial institutions were created to keep money deposited by those who worked for the money. Along the line they started making more money than those who deposited their hard earned money (by trading money not their own).

Medical workers depend on the reality that once in a while, human organs fail and these days, a lot of money is involved in research, education and remuneration in a bid to address such failures and find out ways of preventing such failures. IT Pros have jobs because most modern systems depend on computers, software and related systems. What happens to food, clothing and shelter? Farmers, Tailors and Masons? No not Hospitality Big-Wigs, Fashion Designers and Architects! These classy people do not really meet basic needs but create sophisticated versions of basic needs.

Anand Giridharadas while speaking at the Platform of May, 2011 discussed the concept of Hardship Innovation. He said that the West innovates by creating sophisticated gadgets which people do not need and convincing people that they need such gadgets while innovators in less privileged countries try to meet basic needs in much cheaper ways.

When civilization began, man worked because he needed to sustain himself – feed himself, clothe himself and shelter himself and his family; that was the primary purpose. He later saw the need to give his descendants something to start with. These days, we need to ask ourselves again why we are working. Stacking up money? Acquiring western ‘innovations’? Maintaining a social status? Or are we really still interested in sustaining ourselves and our families/communities, giving our descendants a better chance. Why do you work?

Between Man and Woman?

“Mummy, are you a man or a woman?”


Have you ever imagined your five year old kid asking you that question? Do you think it is an unexpected question to ask? Maybe now it seems far-fetched but it could be a normal question in a few years at the rate the world is going. A few years ago I heard Pastor Poju Oyemade in one of his messages making a serious joke about a toothpaste advert with two men brushing their teeth. If you did not get that line, please read it again and think about how certain family products are advertised.
Some weeks ago I listened documentary whose subject was the rights gay footballers have to publicly declare their sexuality. I tried to understand the reason for this and I am still trying to. Do heterosexual footballers have to declare their sexuality? Why do we have to have a whole documentary on the subject of encouraging homosexual footballers to declare they are homosexual? Could it be because someone is pushing a certain agenda?


I do think an agenda is being pushed. If a person’s sexuality is normal why does it have to turn into a movement. As it is, it seems some people are not just trying to make us accept them the way they are, they want to convert us to the way they are and that is troubling especially for our children. Unborn children will arrive in a world where the definition of  the word “man” or “woman” will be unclear. A world where filling the gender column on forms may not be as simple as “M” or “F”. A world in which public conveniences will need no labels on the doors. Is this advancement or confusion?

No one is asking for intolerance or hatred for alternative lifestyles. Everyone has a right to choose how they want to live but why try to shove it all down our throats using celebrities like actors and footballers to tell our attentive children that this is the way to go. Why lock up our preachers for refusing to wed gays? If they have a right to be gay, I have a right not to wed them too. If they have a right to be gay I have a right as a matter of company policy in my private company to say I will not employ them. It is about rights isn’t it?


Someone is pushing an agenda. Someone has to push back. Tolerance cannot mean submission else it would not be fair.

I Think Entrepreneurship …

I Think Entrepreneurship is a responsibility. A responsibility to the workers who depend on the smooth running of your business to feed their families. A responsibility to the customers who depend on your product to make their lives less complicated or sometimes to sell their on products. You cannot afford to ruin all that with mismanagement or fraud. People are depending on you. You have taken up and responsibility.

I Think Entrepreneurship is the way out. A way out of a routine job that dulls your intellectual capacity and stifles your potential. Getting out never was or never will be easy. Staying put is easy. Just do nothing. I recently talked with a colleague who told me his wife was upset with him because he had to forgo taking her out on the wedding anniversary because he had to be in the office to address an emergency. My question was: “How did you intend to pay for that outing?” We are locked in when we work for someone and most of the time the job comes first! Entrepreneurship gives us a way to express ourselves much better.

I Think Entrepreneurship is the key to the future. Generation after generation of adults cannot afford to work in already established corporations and retire after thirty to thirty-five years. Adults are being brewed in multiples of the current set every twenty years or so and when they do arrive at age twenty to twenty-five, there has to be a way for them to earn a living. For the sake of our children, guaranteed to be more numerous than we are, we must make room.

I Think Entrepreneurship is a key to wealth. No matter how hard you work at that factory, your wages are fixed. No matter how much you develop yourself, your income is at the mercy of your employer’s benevolence. It is not in the company’s interest to promote everyone, every year, indefinitely. Some people will lose out along the way. Entrepreneurship is a way to take the limits off your financial growth.

I Think we should all be thinking about it, and at some point DO something about our thoughts.