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“Your case is not too difficult …” It was Agbako, a renowned witch doctor of Abia, Ohafia. He was aged but physically and spiritually strong. He was speaking to a young couple who had come to seek help from him in order to bear children. They had been married for only a full year but Benjamin Kalu was impatient.

“In fact,” continued Agbako, “It is good news that I have for you. The Oracle says that one of your ancestor Njànsí, the great wizard of Akanu who dined with Ubina-Ukpabi, Amadioha and Kamalu-Ikere; who commanded men, wild beasts and evil spirits…” “… Njànsí wants to return to this world.”

Benjamin and Comfort looked at each other in amazement. “So are we going to have a child?” asked […]

Till Death

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I was standing by the staircase at Silverbird Galleria after a movie. Helen and I were gisting about what most 21st century girls gist about in their mid-twenties. I had not noticed Elvis until he got quite close to us. “Mademoiselle …”, he began. I stopped talking and looked at him. Helen cleared her throat and excused herself to take a look at some jewellery nearby.

We had been friends a while and she had gotten used to being completely ignored when men walked up to me. She wasn’t ugly though. In fact, in some environments, she was actually beautiful but standing beside me was, I dare say, like the moon, as beautiful as it is, standing beside the sun. Please forgive me Helen. I love […]


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This book is based on a true story. A story of sin and forgiveness, a story of sonship and slavery, a story of lust and love. A man fails because he has failed to accurately analyze his true strengths and weaknesses. He fails because he has not taken time to be honest with himself.

The filth hidden within his heart is suddenly exposed, embarrassing him, trapping him, enslaving him. He has judged others without first judging himself. He had no idea whatsoever what he was capable of until he was exposed to the right (or wrong) circumstances.


Good to see you too… “, Philip responded after a short lag. Zainab leaned back and smiled again. It could have disarmed a Russian soldier. Philip glanced at the yellow handbag dangling […]

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