The other day my wife ordered some pizza and requested delivery to the house. It so happened that on this particular day, the 27th of December, delivery was not available. First shocker! Delivery unavailable during a holiday period. I would have thought this was when everyone planned for a deluge of customers at eateries.

Incidentally when we eventually went to the shop to pick up the pizza ourselves we found a massive crowd outside and a massive queue waiting for their takeaways. There was an ingenious contraption there to manage the queue: a certain waiter was taking names and assigning everyone “Tally Numbers” (if you were born after 1985 you may not have heard of those). Well, most people really wanted their pizza so they waited for their numbers.

We, however, did not wait for numbers. We did not wait for the pizza either (of course we needed a number to get the pizza. We left and got some pies which turned out just OK for the night. Now to the point:

First I do think Mr. Eddy could have planned for home delivery within this period. do think there are several people who would be willing to pay double the cost of delivery just to avoid the queue I saw at that shop. I also think Mr. Eddy could have done this easily without having the customer call in and wait for someone to pick up the phone. Wigal Solutions offers a variety of USSD capabilities that can allow customers make orders and even possibly pay from their phones ahead for pizza delivery and other such mundane services.

Second, one might say the reason why delivery was not available on this day was because the delivery man was ill or the company they were dealing with could not handle the volume or whatever other issue. Planning ahead for peak periods during a holiday like Christmas could involve engaging third party delivery services like Somame. Somame would gladly deliver and be paid per delivery rather than demand an upfront contract. Business is negotiation and planning ahead could have included this kind of negotiation.

Mr. Eddy lost some customers that night like us who could not wait. We would gladly have waited one hour sitting in out homes and waiting for a a Somame delivery rather than standing in the hot, noisy. shop. My. Eddy also wasted man hours. That guy who was giving “Tally Numbers” could have been doing something else. Those cooks preparing pizza in a hurry could have relaxed a little knowing customers were waiting in a relaxed atmosphere at home not at the counter. Most of all, Mr. Eddy lost money: money for other customers who could have bought pizza and paid double for delivery.

In summary, I do think it could all have been done better. We learn, we grow. No harm intended Mr. Eddy.