Ghana: Public Offerings in Public Preaching

I have been living in Accra from awhile and noticed that much like Nigerians or even more, Ghanaians are very religious. I have only got one rejection since I have been offering people tracks in taxis. However, sometimes I wonder whether our motives are still right in our practice. In this short article I will describe the scene of four preachers whom I see every morning on the same walkway at the market close to Kwame Nkrumah circle.


All preachers along this road apparently speak either Twi or Ga so I may not be able say exactly what they preach but I do see Bibles on their pulpits and I notice for the second preacher he keeps repeating “twenty pesewas”. Here is the first preacher:



The box acts as both his pulpit and offering basket. And I did see someone dropping her bit in the box. This guy was actually wondering why I was taking his picture and tried to call my attention.


The second preacher kept repeating “twenty pesewas” in his speech so much so that I wondered whether it was actually preaching he was doing. There was definitely a Bible on his ‘pulpit’ and he did have that microphone and the gestures made while preaching.


Preacher number three is below:



Preacher number four is a young and very fiery preacher and I am not sure he started out having an offering basket. Maybe he saw the need at some point in his ministry.



My intention is not to embarrass the faith in posting these pictures but I just want to air my opinion that having the listeners become supporters of the messenger means that the messenger is more in need than those who are supposed to be saved by the message. I believe that if one has been sent by God to preach the gospel, he has capacity to support that ministry without burdening those who are listening or more seriously embarrassing the faith.


Having offering baskets in public preaching or requesting for money in bus preaching as is done in Nigeria is uncalled for as far as I am concerned. I should mention that these preachers do have sympathizers. I use that word deliberately because I do not think anyone is being convicted by these messages, people may just be sympathizing with these preachers and giving them money because they feel it is better to preach than to steal. This is embarrassing to Christianity. Please let me know your views.