Drive Yourself

Drive Yourself

April 11, 2011

Combining active writing with a regular job is not necessarily easy no matter how much one loves the hobby. In my case, I often get home about 8:00 PM or half an hour later, then I have to take a bath, eat and watch a little TV. Once in a while I have time to talk with my family. By the time I am through with all this, I am hitting 10:00 PM or so and then it’s time for STV news!

My initial plan was to write for an hour every night but it is not working out that way so far but I expect to pick up pace. I have written just about twenty-three pages in the new book ‘Till Death’.  Sometimes as I write, it dawns on me that I have to do a bit of research to make the story more true-to-life  (imagination is not always sufficient to do a good job).

Whatever be the case, as applies to every other goal in life; great things can be achieved by doing something a bit at a time consistently. I did a small calculation in my mind earlier and figured that if I wrote just one page every single day, I will have a 365-page book at the end of one year! Now that’s not so bad, is it?

Pursue your dreams consistently, folks. Ciao.

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