This is my 136th post and my 6th year on this blog. Just this afternoon I had a small chat with one of my bosses regarding our tendency to analyze so hard that we fail to even start something worthwhile ever. I recalled a statement I heard from Pastor Poju Oyemade a few years ago along the lines of “Ready, Fire, Aim!!!” which speaks of the need to make a move before perfecting you move in certain circumstances. I thank God I made a move with my books and with my blogs. It can only get better.

I encourage you to see this first day of 2017 as another opportunity to make a move. Many people can advise you or help you analyze things but only YOU ALONE can feel the heat of the vision burning in your heart. Mark my words, when something is a real vision it typically will be beyond the borders of current knowledge. We really cannot accurately analyze it until YOU give birth to it. So make a move. Ready, Fire First, then Aim.

One of the most precious resources we are given on this planet is time. We cannot afford to waste it because it impossible to recover. Risks are better taken when there is more time ahead of us to recover in the case of a failure than otherwise. In other words, If my first attempt fails when I am twenty years old, I still have more than forty years to learn and try again. But if my first risk is at forty, I have a dicey situation. If you are yet to take a risk, find what is burning in your heart and go for it NOW!

Let me round up by recording my word of advice to myself and my friends this year. Please add these to your arsenal:

* Respect Time. It is passing quicker than you think. Strive to do more with less. Account for your activities. Work towards identifying the returns on every hour of every day spent. Difficult but possible.

* Acquire Assets. Assets create wealth, liabilities deplete resources. Currency is given to you for a certain period of live so you have an opportunity to acquire real assets. Knowing the difference between assets and liabilities and spending on assets is strong wisdom.

* Read Enough Books. You do not have time to know everything so look for knowledge that will enhance your life’s pursuits. Too many books simply makes you an analyst of other people’s ideas. Relevant books will make you an expert in a specific field.

* Give. While the earth remains, seed-time and harvest will never cease. One of the primary purposes of wealth in any of its forms is for it to flow round. Allowing wealth flow through you generates more fulfillment that merely amassing it indefinitely

* Nurture Relationships. Once a week smiles won’t cut it. Work on really getting to know a core group of people of like vision. Give time, give a smile, ask about their welfare, engage deeply. Learn to really love.

* Honour God. So many things are out of you control already so why not just relinquish the steering wheel and give God first place. “Many are the plans in the heart of a man but it is the Lord’s counsel that shall stand.”. In the final analysis, God rules so make Him King already.

I pray for you that God will consume you with an obsession this year that will wake you up every day before 5:00 AM. That you will become completely uncomfortable with the way things are and look for how they can be. I pray that the ship of your life will not be driven by a sail but by an engine with deliberate direction and the required bursts of energy.

Thank you for making time to stop by my blog every once in a while. I wish you and your a Glorious New Year. 2017 can become a new season for you once you take action in the correct direction. God is waiting on YOU!