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Peter & Paul: Open Rebuke

“You Hypocrite!” Galatians 2:1-16

Paul the Apostle describes in Galatians 2 a certain occasion when he had to rebuke Peter, one of the first apostles the Lord Jesus called in public. It is very important to understand the background of these two apostles. Peter was called by the Lord Jesus quite early in His ministry, Peter spent three and half years of his life following Jesus and even identified Jesus as the Messiah long before Paul even accepted the Lord. Paul had persecuted Christians for years before he encountered Jesus on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians. Yet, he had the effrontery to rebuke Apostle Peter? What?

“You Apostle!” II Peter 3:14-16

On the other hand, in Peter’s second letter to the church, had acknowledged Paul as a genuine apostle with profound revelation in the Gospel and a God-sent message for the Gentiles. I find this very interesting. This means that Peter had accepted Paul’s public rebuke in good fate and did not feel superior to Paul. He did not feel that Paul had insulted him or his “anointing”. He did not stop speaking to Paul and he did not ask his own disciples to stop listening to Paul because Paul had rebuked him openly. He must have realised that Paul had told him the truth.

Dear Believer,

It is very important to pick up the lessons from the relationship between Peter and Paul highlighted in this piece. Neither felt superior to the other, both felt accountable to God and to each other (as well as other believers). I believe that every christian who really wants to please God should surround himself or herself with others who can call him or her to order when the flesh shows up. If everyone in your circles thinks you are the “Only Wise Most High”, you are in trouble. be very deliberate in you effort to make yourself open to criticism, rebuke and correction (the Word of God is a tool for this) especially in this day and age where tiles and positions are more important to most believers that accountability to God. Your sycophants may revere you but “God is no respecter of persons”